Finishing off the marvellous red cake

The marvellous red cake did look absolutely fabulous when it was iced and decorated! The Smarties were an inspired decorating idea, though I am a little disappointed that they’ve toned down the additives and therefore the colours. AND there are only two or (sometimes!) three red sweets in each packet – I needed 12 packs to find enough to make my birthday numbers!

After sandwiching and icing the cakes with a thick layer or Betty Crocker’s chocolate buttercream icing, I decorated the top with the desired birthday numbers: 30 in this case. I filled in the rest of the top with a random selection of Smarties, and did the same on the sides.

Note: with retrospect, I should have done this in orderly rows, rather than offset, to make slicing the cake easier. And don’t forget, Smarties will lose their colour on the icing side (when they get moist) so don’t do the decorating too far in advance!

I finished off the decoration with a pretty red ribbon and multi-coloured candles spelling out “Happy Birthday”.

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