Slow cooked chicken with Herbs de Provence

I’ve been collecting chicken legs for a while now and the run up to a busy Easter weekend seemed the perfect time to make use of them. Slow cooking is a great way to do chicken legs and pieces – the meat falls off the bone. And Herbs de Provence is fantastic with tomatoes and chicken.

The reason I’ve been collecting legs is that I generally buy a whole chicken for the breasts, save the legs for another meal and use the carcass for stock. Tesco had a great offer on a free range chicken for £6 – that’s cheaper than two free range breasts! And I have no fear of chopping up the chicken.

The legs were browned before they went the slow cooker – I did them on the griddle but heavy based frying pan or a Forman grill would be fine. I did ten legs in this recipe (a bit of a squeeze!) with two chopped onions, two cans of chopped tomatoes, and some leftover cooked gammon. I added lots of Herbs de Provence before put it on to slow cook for 8 hours.

Before serving I decanted the sauce to another pan and brought to the bubble. I added a healthy dose of balsamic vinegar (wine at the beginning of the slow cook would have a similar effect) to taste, a splash or two of Worcestershire sauce, and a very little Tabasco. I then added the meat and vege to the pot and kept hot until ready to eat.

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