Three chicken carcasses and a very large pot

I realise making stock doesn’t look very appetising, and isn’t very glamorous. But there’s no point wasting a chicken carcass if you have one, particularly if, like me, you use the breasts and legs in other recipes. I think these chicken carcasses were actually left over from Mother’s Day (where the breast meat was used in a pasta dish) and were frozen until ready to use, and the legs were used in a recent slow cooked recipe.

I chucked some onions skins, the end of a pathetic-looking celery, and two soggy carrots in the (very large) pot with three chicken carcasses, and covered with water. Brought to the boil and left to simmer for an age. The stock will be one in soup and risotto in due course (though it may need reducing to strengthen the flavour).

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