A Spring green omelette and an Easter picnic outdoors

It’s become a bit of an Easter tradition that we have a picnic for Easter. Now, we’re pretty hardcore about this; though we’ve never done it in the rain, there has been snow on the ground in the past, and it’s never warm. This year it was pretty temperate, all things considered with the way the weather’s been. And it wasn’t raining.

Hot food is good when you’re sitting on a cold picnic bench, so Mum made a batch of her famous spiced lentil soup. We have a good quality flask and it holds enough for a couple of cupfuls for 5 or 6 people. It keeps the soup good and warm for an hour plus.

I made a Spanish-type omelette too, though without potatoes. I decided to try a new recipe rather than make my favourite red onion, sweet potato and feta omelette. This one was chocked full of green vegetables: chopped spring onions, a chopped leek, a chopped courgette, and sugar snap peas. I softened the vege in a large frying pan withFry Light and water. Then I added 8 eggs, beaten, with chopped parsley and dill, with seasoning. I’ve posted before about how to cook and flip a Spanish omelette – no particular skill required. After it was cooked, Papa came in very handy for flipping the omelette into a glass dish, which we then covered with a wooden chopping board, and wrapped with some tea towels (though a regular towel would be warmer). The omelette was still warm when we got to our destination.

We picnicked at Elcho Castle. It was my first time (in living memory anyway!) and it was a lovely Catle: lots of stairs to climb, rooms to pop into, a splendid long table and candleabra to admire, and a roof to climb out on to. They also have picnic benches.

As well as the soup and omelette we also had: sliced meats (wafer thin chicken, wafer think ham and German and Italian salamis); cherry tomatoes; and Balsamic-marinated onions.

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