Hot pot and tempura to go with the mountain of sushi

So for dinner the evening before Easter Sunday we had sushi, tempura and hot pot. Lots of good food, drip fed over an hour or so.

I make tempura more often than I should! But it’s so tasty, and Hubby actually eats vege when I do it that way. This time I made a variety of tempura: king prawn, aubergine, sweet potato, asparagus and green bean. The batter was egg white, corn four and a little water. The oil was hot, the vegetables thin, and the result delicious.

Hot pot
Papa and I couldn’t remember what this was called, so had nicknamed it “Dippy In Thing” all week. The concept is simple: serve warm miso in a fondue pan; have strips of meat and mushroom prepared; stick meat/vege on end of fondue fork and place in miso until cooked; eat.
We used strips of pork loin and beef fillet, and sliced Portobello mushrooms and Forestiere mushrooms.
The best bit about the hot pot is that once you’ve cooked and eaten all your meat and vege the miso soup is wonderfully flavoursome. Add a handful of sliced spring onions and a couple of handfuls of spinach; cook through and serve. The soup is a great palate cleanser after feasting on tempura, sushi and hot pot.

After all that food we had something light and healthy for dessert: sliced papaya served with lemon sorbet, and a little Easter chocolate grated on top.

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