Mother’s meatloaf

We needed an easy and wholesome meal for six this evening and Mother decided on meatloaf. A recently discovered favourite of mine (though Mother used a different recipe).

The meat was mixed with chopped onion and seasoning (you could add garlic here) and half the mixture pressed into a loaf tin. Spinach was pressed into a furrow In the meat, and then the rest of the meat was pressed on top. It was covered with baking parchment and foil, and cooked for an hour at 200 degrees C (though the oven is acting up so took ages.

The meatloaf was served with a tomato passata based sauce, with herbs and a little stock added. I also added balsamic vinegar, a little Worcestershire sauce and a good bit of salt. It was brought to the bubble and cooked for a while to reduce. I also added some of the meat juices too.

The recipe is adapted from one in a Slimming World cookbook.

Slimming World Syns: this recipe is Syn Free on Original and extra Easy.

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