Eating out: the Old Boatyard, Arbroath

This week I was at a work meeting in Arbroath an had a quick bite after with some colleagues. We were visiting the Arbroath Signal Tower Museum and the Old Boatyard is right next door.

The Museum is fantastic place for a visit if you’re in the area. It tells the story of the Signal Tower and the Bell Rock lighthouse, an important part of the coastal history and landscape. The Museum has recently been refurbished and really well appointed. Not to mention unparalleled views of the harbour and out to sea – and the Bell Rock.

And someone suggested the Boatyard next door for a quick bite. It’s in the rather odd building down by the harbour that seems to be a visitor information centre, come gift shop, come eatery. It does mask the Museum (a fantastic building in it’s own right) from the harbour and the town, but I’m sure it’s placement seemed logical for other reasons. The restaurant itself is nice – modern-made-to-look-ye-olde, clean, spacious. The service was fine, and so was the food. We all had Arbroath smokie chowder, aka Cullen skink. It was good and creamy, and had lots of flavourful smokie throughout. It came with a wee bit bread, which was ideal for dunking. Good food, in pleasant surroundings, for a moderate price.

One thing that did stick in my mind was the water; a la tap, as requested, but in a nice jug with lemon and ice – that’s more than most places bother with, and for a dedicated water drinker is much appreciated!

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