Fresh fish from Arbroath

I mentioned in a previous post that I was in Arbroath for a work meeting and had some nice Arbroath smokie chowder. Well, we’d parked at the harbour (free parking!!) and walked into the High Street for our meeting and passed a lovely wee fish. My colleague and I popped our heads in and decided we’d be stopping at Stuart’s Fresh Fish on the way back!

What caught my eye was “Fishcakes 3 for £1”. Bargain. So I got six. I reheated them in the oven and we ate them with ketchup (or mayo in my case). They were pretty good. Not too fishy, but enough to give it a good flavour – even the member of the family who’s not too keen on fish liked them!

However, Hubby really doesn’t like fish, so he got some dressed crab! Also very good, and a wee bit leftover for his lunch tomorrow.

I also bought a smokie, but more on that later…

Many thanks to the lovely Elaine for serving us, and for the chat.

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