Lots and lots of leftovers, including sushi, smoked salmon and Exquisa potaotes

What to do with leftovers? Aside from eat them, of course. In a desperate attempt to use up the leftovers from Easter weekend, some days after I began ploughing through the mysterious tubs in the fridge.

For breakfast: cherry toms (boxed up after our picnic lunch), Exquisa potatoes (leftover from our Easter lunch), and sliced ham and chicken (also leftover from our picnic lunch). And, of course, some Reggae Reggae sauce on the side – superb!

Lunch was sushi, from the box, with wasabi and soy sauce on the side. There’s nothing quite like sushi for lunch: healthy, but a little bit luxurious.

Dinner was – well – everything else! The smoked salmon was made into a pate with Quark and dill, and leftover sliced vegetables dipped in (cucumber, carrot and asparagus). There was lots of sliced meat too, both ham and chicken. The leftover aubergine was sliced and griddled. And there were a couple of sliced eggs too.

And we finally finished the sushi…

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