Eating out: lunch at the Quaker Meeting House, including some fabulous sandwiches

I had a meeting (work, not Quaker) at the Quaker Meeting House in Edinburgh this week and had a rather good lunch. One never knows who the caterers are at these things, but this one is good. I like a variety of sandwiches – and things! – thank you very much. There were wholemeal sandwiches (with the crusts cut off – yay!), and wraps. Lots of different fillings, including egg mayo and watercress – best sandwich filling EVER. And there was also a big pile of beef and horseradish sandwiches. Really, just lots of amazing sandwiches; the dit this week is doomed!

There was also a vegan/gluten-free plate including baba ganoush – yum!

And for afters there was a selection of tray bakes, including a devilish Rocky Road with more marshmallows than you can shake a stick at. Amazing tray bake. Apparently there was some fruit lying around too, but I’m afraid I was rather distracted.

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