Tomato and banana stuffing: no really

OK, so bear with me on (a) cooked bananas and (b) in a savoury dish…

I’m going through a bit of a Reggae Reggae sauce phase at the moment but realised I’ve not cooked any Levi Roots recipes in a while. The plantain and tomato stuffing from his Haitian chicken is very simple and really tasty.


It’s not that hard to get plantain these days – the last one I bought was from Tesco – but banana is a fine substitute and works for this recipe.


To make stuffing for on chicken I used:
– four small bananas, sliced
– 200g small plum cherry tomatoes
The banana was browned in a hot frying pan, and the tomatoes added in for the last couple of minutes. The whole lot is stuffed into the cavity of the chicken before roasting. Any extra (or the whole lot if you don’t like to actually stuff the bird) can be cooked in a dish alongside the chicken for at least 30 minutes of the bird’s cooking time.

Top Tip: don’t forget to add cooking time for the stuffing – this can be calculated using the weight of the stuffing and the per kilo cooking instructions that come with the bird.

I cook my chicken without the skin and remove as much visible fat as I can before putting it in the oven. This makes the meat more Slimming World-friendly and cuts down on fat and calories. For this dish, I sprinkled cayenne pepper over the meat and covered with a tent of foil* to stop the top of the de-skinned bird drying out while roasting.

If you’re not watching your fat intake, do try Levi’s lime bread stuffing under the skin as per his Haitian chicken recipe – it is fabulous!

Slimming World Syns: this recipe is practically Syn free, but cooked bananas do have some Syns.

*Make sure the foil forms a tent over the bird, don’t mould it to the top. The idea is to let the air circulate around the bird without it drying out. You might need to use two bits of foil folded together to make a tent big enough.

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