Eating Out: Hettie’s Tearoom, Perth

Wow. Hettie’s Tearoom (Perth, with another in Pitlochry) is a welcome discovery.

Not only does she do exceedingly good cake, she also takes her tea very seriously. The sandwich I had for lunch was pretty awesome too.

The sandwich selection is fabulous: they all sounded amazing! I opted for salmon with honey and wholegrain mustard. It was served on the most delicious, thickly sliced bread, with salad and Hettie’s famous red coleslaw (made with red cabbage and red onion) on the side. Delicious and filling.

I had A Pocket Full of Rosies tea, known as the “Rolls Royce of Hettie’s Teas”. It was pretty special, and the mix included Chinese Jasmine white tea with rose petals and orange blossom.

The cake was epic. Most of us opted for Hettie’s Signature Cake: a triple layered extravaganza! Three layers of cake: strawberry flavoured, chocolate and vanilla sponges, all extremely light and fluffy. Three layers of icing: chocolate buttercream, vanilla buttercream and chocolate ganache – the vanilla was exquisite. After five generous portions were carved up for our party the cake was seriously depleted! There were lots of other lovely cakes too, and some awesome scones.

The only slight disappointment was that, despite a mention of special diets on the website, there was no cake or treats for the dairy-intolerant member of our party. Or, if there was, the staff didn’t know about it. It was a real shame, and a bit mystifying to me: as a keen cook I would pride myself on being able to provide for all diets, and dairy-free and/or vegan seems like an easy win.

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