Camping in a kåta, the carb mountain, and camping cooking in general

This weekend we went on a stag do and were camping in a kåta. Lots of fun was had by all, so much so we got past the wet weather. Mostly the weekend was about good food and food company, with the occasional slice of cake and a cocktail thrown in.

On Friday evening we had a potluck dinner. I made a vegetable stew, which we reheated on a gas stove (the wood-burning stove on the kåta took a little warming up). I also brought some rotesserie chickens, and Cat brought a yummy pasta salad. And then there was the bread: we all brought some bread, and there was ALOT of it (not to mention the croissants, pain au chocolat, and profiteroles!).

Dessert was a masterpiece, thought up by Charlie. With a little help from me with the squirty cream, and Morven with provocatively-placed raspberries, we had a rather decadent dessert – one not normally seen in a tent!

Some awesome snacks were provided by the stag, and my favourite were the smokey barbecue Kettle Chips. She also plied me with a very tasty G&T, with Edinburgh Gin and slices of orange. I’d heard of cucumber in a Hendrick’s and tonic, but orange was excellent.

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