Pecorino (courtesy of Valvona and Crolla) and an apple

The good life is simple: slices of pecorino (a delicious, mature example of this favourite cheese) and slices of apple (a Pink Lady, in this case). Just wonderful.

It was all courtesy of Mum, who couldn’t find the Stelline, used in a previous post. So I went to Valvona and Crolla – Stelline not being available in too may places on the average High Street. ANd while I was there it just would have been rude not to at least look at the cheeses. Purely because I knew we were having a cheeseboard, with our Italian meal – and I was in an Italian food shop… So along with my large hunk of mature Pecorino, I also bought a wee piece of fresca – the young, soft, creamy Pecorino.

Papa had bought other cheeses for the board, and the Pecorino went well with his gorgonzola, goat’s cheese, and Orkney cheddar.

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