M&S 3 for £10: meat, meat, meat

Marks and Spencer do terribly good food offers, and with food as good as that it’s hard to resist. Hubby certainly can’t! The other day he said he’d cook dinner, so popped in to get a few bits and pieces. Not to many vegetables, it has tp be said, but he did rather well with the 3 for £10 meat offer.

  • raw seared Calamari Rings with salt, red bell pepper & cracked black pepper
  • Hickory smoked 1/2 rib rack
  • Ready to Roast beef meatloaf with a vine ripened tomato sauce

The calamari we “guaranteed tender”, which seems like a lofty claim. But it was true! There’s nothing worse than tough calamari, and this was yummy. We cooked it on the griddle for only a few minutes, and it was very good. Hubby loves calamari – it’s his absolute favourite – so expectations were high! And M&S delivered.

The ribs were succulent and tasty. I love ribs – M&S didn’t let me down.

And the meatloaf was extremely good too – delicious and saucy. We both love meatloaf, and this was very good indeed – almost as good as mine.

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One Response to M&S 3 for £10: meat, meat, meat

  1. jas88 says:

    That does sound very good – will keep an eye out next time I hit M&S!

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