Recipes to try out: perogies

I seem to collect recipes I never have time to try, so thought I should write about them instead, so at the very least I can have them to hand when (let’s face it: if) I ever get around to it (I already have a round tuit).

The search for this recipe was inspired by a friend commenting that she’d made perogie. I’ve not managed to find decent perogie in shops in the UK since I fell in love with these little dumplings on a couple of holidays to Poland (with aforementioned friend). Being a vegetarian at the time, perogie filled with onion and cream cheese was a staple on our diet while we were there (though you can fill them with meat, too!).


473 ml milk
2 large eggs
946 ml flour
1 ml Salt
0.45 kg Idaho potatoes
85 g milk
57 g Butter
113 g Cheddar cheese shredded
salt and pepper to taste

Peel potatoes and cut into medium pieces. Boil potatoes until soft, approximately 20 minutes.

Drain potatoes well, add three ounces of milk, butter, salt and pepper and mix until mixture is smooth. Add cheddar cheese and mix again. Put mixture off to cool before using.

On a clean surface, make a mountain with the flour. In the center of the mountain, make a dent with your fist. Pour in slightly beaten eggs and pinch of salt. Mix with your hands, adding milk slowly and mixing well after each addition to form a dough that is smooth and stiff but not sticky. If the dough is still wet, add more flour and knead well. Let the dough rest for about an hour.

Roll out dough as thin as possible and cut into three inch circles. Use a tablespoon to spoon in the filling. Wet edges of dough with fingertips dipped in water, then fold over and crimp edges with a fork to seal.

Bring to a boil two quarts of water. Place pierogies in boiling salted water. They will float to the top when done (5-7 minutes).

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