A dinner party and lots of drinks, including some tasty ginger beer

This weekend we had another lovely dinner party with friends. I had lots of fabulous food to make, which I enjoyed thoroughly, Dishes included: puff pastry nibbles; samosas and hara chutney; pizza pie; and orange cake. And, as well as lovely food, we drank lots of good booze too!

Franks and Crabbies
I was keen to try some of the alcoholic ginger beers left by a previous guest. I’ve had Crabbies before, but never Franks (made by Koppaberg). They are both good, but the Franks is less sweet and a bit more beery.

There was a bottle of Crabbies orange spiced ginger beer too, which was really yummy.

Vino Calapso
There was lots of wine at dinner, including some nice Rioja brought by Sam. It was certainly better than the bottle I had bought from ASDA – but it was much improved by being decanted. It’s the first time I’ve decanted wine myself and I can certainly see the point.

Jill and Stuart brought a nice bottle of Ruggeri Prosecco, which we had after dinner. Love Prosecco, and this brand (sold by the fantastic Luvian’s) has decorative string acting as a stopper to the cork; very pretty.

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