Pasta bake: leftover pasta and store cupboard staples

We had some pasta left over from dinner the other night and I ended up using it in a pasta bake the next night. Actually, what happened was I was planning on making baked potatoes with baked beans, but found we didn’t have any baked potatoes. While I was in the store cupboard getting the beans I noticed we had a whole bunch of other stuff I could add to the leftover pasta to make it enough for dinner for two. So I added a bunch of cans from the cupboard:

  • Campbell’s condensed cream of mushroom soup
  • chickpeas
  • sweetcorn
  • chopped tomatoes

I mixed the contents of the cans through the pasta; added to a casserole dish, and topped with lots of grated cheddar cheese. WHen hte cheese was godlen and bubbling, it was ready to eat!

It was pretty good – nice and creamy. Filling too, thanks to the added corn and chickpeas.

Slimming World Syns: if I could have thought of a substitute for the canned soup this reciep could’ve been Syn free: the remaining ingredietns are Super Free or Free.

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