A packet of Skips: sorry, but it’s the best I can do…

So, you thought I was kidding. But I ate some Skips this week. Haven’t done in ages. So took a pic…

They don’t taste the same as they used to. They taste, well, less Skippy, less prawny. I guess it’s because nothing can have artificial flavourings in it any more; nothing can be fried. I suspect Skips have been a victim of this healthy eating lark. For goodness sake, they are snacks formed out of tapioca and given a completly made up flavour (prawn cocktail) – why spoil them by reducing the fat and flavour?! However, the upside of this change is that they are less then 100 calories for a regular bag – good if you are watching what you eat… Which as you can see I was not; I got the Grab Bag size pack!

Anyway, the Skips post is a symptom of being pretty unwell this week. Even playing with the internets has been a bit much. The Skips were an attempt to cheer me up, and ended up being a wee blog post too.

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