Mixology: Famous Grouse Bar, again

The last time I was at the Famous Grouse Bar I hoped they could add a few more traditional cocktails, using fresh ingredients, to their menu. They have changed the menu and I think the results are pleasing!

I did have a pint of Staropramen, but it was really the cocktails that got my attention. As well as mojitos and a strawberry cosmopolitan, you can get a delicious strawberry concoction in a jam jar (called Southern Strawberry Jam) – mixed and served in a jam jar! I also tried the Raspberry & Elderflower Collins, which was deliciously fresh and fruity. Lots of fresh mint and fruit used in the appropriate drinks, in the making as well as garnish. They still do a nice French Martini, but the new drinks are a pleasant change. And they are all scumptious!

I didn’t have a chance to try the other half of the menu: cocktails using Famous Grouse whisky. But that’s something for another Saturday night…

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