Jambalaya and cornbread, and good memories attached to cooking them for friends

The other day our friend Bron reminded me of a couple of fabulous recipes that Hubby cooked for a group of friends when we were on a group holiday a couple of years ago. We knew we’d be cooking dinner for 10 or so one night, so took our massive pot and silicon cake pan with us. The menu was jambalaya and cornbread, courtesy of Jamie’s America by Jamie Oliver (a wedding present the previous year, and unused until this point!). Hubby knows how to pick hs recipes, and both were extremely tasty. I htink he made a coupel of cornbreads, and we enjoyed the leftovers for a couple of days.

The jambalaya had all the good meats: smoked sausage, prawns and chicken. A great recipe that can be found online on Jamie’s website.

The cornbread was a lot of fun; it had both cornmeal and sweetcorn kernels in, plus cheese and chillis. Spicy, cheesy and warming – excellent. The recipe isn’t on Jamie’s website, but I did find one that’s adpated from it elsewhere.

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