What happened with those marinating pork burgers, and the rest of the BBQ meal

Easy calzone
While the BBQ was heating up we whipped up some easy calzone:

  • one tortilla wrap in a large frying pan
  • top with a couple of spoonfuls of pizza sauce (I used passata with basil, with a little red wine and oregano added, before being reduced), torn mozarella, cooked chicken pieces, and basil leaves
  • cook for 2 minutes
  • fold tortilla in half, sealing the edges, and cook for another minute on each side before serving

Very easy, very tasty – and even a little like calzone!

Pork burgers
Well, the marinating pork burgers turned out very nicely. The smell coming out of the fridge was intoxicating! The 1kg of pork made into 8 good sized burgers. I had mine on a bun with chilli mayo and a little lettuce – the chilli mayo went well with the spiced pork burgers.

We also had sausages (Tesco Finest sausages are 2 packs of 6 for £4 at the moment), in finger buns – I had mine with a mixture of ketchup and mayo.

Vege skewers
The other BBQed products were vegetable skewers, with courgettes, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, marinated in a mixture of equal amounts soy, honey and white wine vinegar.

Vege burgers
There were also a few vege burgers for our vegetarian guest. A few of those seemed to hit the spot.

There were a bunch of salads too: green salad; halved cherry tomatoes and chopped cucumber; and caprese (sliced beef tomatoes and mozzarella sprinkled with basil).

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