More BBQ yumminess: roasted bananas with a flake

Roasted bananas with a Flake is the best BBQed dessert.* I’ve gone off bananas of late, when eaten as fresh fruit, but still love them in desserts and other cooking. And it’s such an easy dessert, we thought we’d have them this weekend when we had friends over for a BBQ – only we were all too full to eat either the trifle we bought, or the roasted bananas! So, we cooked them as part of last-ditch attempt at stretching out the good weather.

This is an easy recipe:

  • take one banana and chop in half, but not the whole way through
  • take one Flake and break in half
  • stuff a bit of Flake into each half of the banana**
  • put the two bits of stuffed banana back together so the two open ends are face-to-face, and wrap in tin foil
  • pop on the BBQ until the banana is cooked and the chocolate gooey
  • serve hot! Teaspoons are great for scooping out gooey banana and Flake…

*Though I am MORE THAN HAPPY to be proved wrong by one of our hosts during our trip to North America this Summer when we will have ready access to graham crackers and therefore S’mores.

**The Flake may be too long for the banana, so feel free to *ahem* “trim” the Flake to fit (I find nibbling a bit off the end works wonders).

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