Eating out: The Jam House

I have a busy weekend of celebrating weddings and the like, starting on Friday with a Hen Do for Edie. We went to The Jam House in Edinburgh for dinner and dancing. It’s a great venue for a party: after dinner you can move right downstairs for a boogie.

The menu was good and had tantalising options for each course. For some reason I missed the price and starters on the menu that was emailed out in advance, but they quickly whipped up a goat’s cheese salad for me – one example of the good service we had.

The goat’s cheese starter was nice: good cheese, cooked the way I like it; and it went well with the candied walnuts and chicory.
The lamb main was delish – we all thought so! In fact, all the mains looked good, the burger in particular. The lamb rump was well cooked (still pink the the middle) and had a nice jus and some grilled vege. I ordered the caponata on the side, which was awesome. I have no idea what the spices were but it was super good (and not chokka full of peppers – yay!).

Dessert was the cheese board – of course! The three cheeses were really good: a nice soft blue cheese; a spicy cheddar; and a flavoursome sheep milk cheese. it was served with some tasty crackers and yummy sesame oat cakes, plus a nice chutney, celery and deliciously stewed fruit. Perfection.

Overall, a good meal: better-than-average food, good service, and a fun atmosphere.

After dinner we popped downstairs for a boogie some 80s tunes from The Flavours – the perfect way to spend the rest of our evening!

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