Once again bowing at the alter of M&S and their Jubilee weekend dine in meal deal

Mum and I decided to celebrate the Jubilee with as little effort as possible (music to my ears after a weekend of celebrating other things with friends!), and M&S seemed like a rather good idea (courtesy of Hubby). We got two dine in for £10 meal deals and decided to invite the other Mummy for the weekend.

So, what we ate was:

– The Grill Ginger Lime & Coriander Chicken Breasts (we really liked this, very flavourful)
– The Cook Mushroom Risotto (risotto is always a favourite, particularly mushroom!)

– 2 x Garlic Mushrooms (our favourite!)

(And some extra baby new potatoes.)

– Puff Pastry Apple Pie
2 New York Cheesecake Slices (very yummy)

– Reserve Saurine White
– Reserve Saurine Rose

And, of course, we cracked our Union Jack crackers and wore the foil paper crowns contained within, before settling down to watch more BBC coverage of shenanigans.

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