Sunday lunch with family before watching the Jubilee celebrations

After a weekend of celebrating with friends, Sunday was family time and a chance to watch the Jubilee celebration coverage on the BBC. We started with lunch: soup followed by cold cuts and salad. Nothing fancy! But nice all the same.

Given that today was the start of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations we decided to deck the dining room with a few relevent decorations. Hubby found some fabulous Union Jack bunting, with a pic of the Queen and her Jubilee dates – just the ticket! He also found some Union Jack crackers and flags. All good fun!

Anyway, lunch started with a Gordon’s & Schweppes tonic, with lime and lots of ice. Just the thing to get us started for a day of Jubilee.

We had soup to start: Heinz tomato, no less. Love tomato soup: we all do! I don’t have it often enough, to be honest. Today we decided to have an easy cooking day, hence the tinned soup. But I jazzed it up a bit, with a sprinkle of parsley in each bowl, and a dollop of fat free fromage frais.

The mainstay of the meal was a buffet of cold cuts, salad and bread. Hubby was sent on a meat shopping mission, so, in true man-he-eat-meat style, he bought:

  • cooked ham
  • chicken breast
  • salt beef
  • pastrami
  • roasted pork

We also had: wholemeal bread, Edam and cheddar, gherkins, sliced tomatoes and a green salad. I love meals like this, where you can help yourself to whatever you fancy, and make it in to whatever concoction of flavours takes your fancy. My favourite mix in this meal was: gherkins, pastrami and Edam, rolled up together.

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