Some cod loin and watercres sauce: an impluse buy for lunch

I don’t get to eat fish at home very often, so when I get the chance to have a meal alone (or when I’m eating out) I normally opt for fish. Today I picked up a nice large piece of cod loin. Next to it was a watercress sauce (from the Saucy Fish Co) and that seemed like a very good idea.

The main thing I learned is that cod loin can’t really be pan-fried! I should have roasted it, or something. So it broke apart some when turning it over in the pan, but that’s OK: it still tasted great. The cod was lovely and succulent, and went well with the watercress sauce. I popped the sauce in the cod once it was cooked, and it needed a few minutes re-heating before serving.

Easy peasy.

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