Here’s hoping Never Seconds gets a second chance

Well, if you’ve not read Veg’s Never Seconds blog about her school dinners, you really should! She made the papers today after it was revealed she was asked to stop taking photos of her school dinners. But I see that the BBC are saying the council leader has asked officials to lift the ban.

I hope Veg (real name Martha) will be back. Her blog is very good, and real. Any young person – heck, any anyone! – interested enough in what they eat to be bothered to blog about it gets a vote in my book.

When I first read Veg’s blog I was shocked that she was from Scotland. I had great school meals as a kid (much kudos in particular to Christine and the staff at Sandwick Junior High School!), and was surprised that standards have slipped so much. I know all school dinner ladies do their best, with a lack of funding and under constant pressure. But TV shows like Jamie’s School Dinners, and kids like Veg speaking out, really illustrate that we need to do something to improve what we’re feeding our kids at school.

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