Cooking with avocados? Fried egg avocado via California Native

The other week I posted a recipe for avocado chocolate mousse and a friend commented that he had avocados growing his garden – well, the lovely David does not live in Fife, I can tell you (it’s June, it’s dreich, and it’s cold…)! He lives in California, where strange and exotic things happen, including avocados growing in your back yard. Anyway, today he posted a recipe on California Native’s facebook page for Avocado Fried Egg – super excited to try this recipe! An awesome idea.

I’ve never cooked with avocado, though I have eaten it cooked. Perhaps you’ve eaten it cooked lots of times, but in my family we eat it straight up: ripe, cut in half, and a bit of balsamic dressing poured in the hollow. So cooked avocado was an exotic concept until fairly recently!

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