You wouldn’t believe I was taking my life in my hands by making an omelette

Last night was the annual fundraising cocktail party at my place of work, so supper was later than normal. I needed something quick and easy to cook for Hubby, mother-in-law and I. So omelettes it was. I’ve never been brave enough to use Mum’s omelette pan before, and I doubt she’ll think I’ve had the requisite training. I used the pan without permission, but the omelettes turned out perfectly, and the pan is unscathed. So: sorry, Mum, but all turned out well!

  • Each omelette had three eggs, a sprinkle of parsley, freshly cracked black pepper and a small pinch of salt. Beat.
  • Add a dod of butter to the hot omelette pan. When melted, add the beaten eggs to the pan.
  • Keep the egg moving* as it cooks, giving as much egg as possible the opportunity to cook. The idea is to cook the bottom until it is golden, but the top is still a little gooey.
  • I added a few bits of chopped cooked bacon and a few cooked mushrooms before serving.
  • To serve, loosen the underside of the omelette from the pan and gently shake the omelette onto the plate. When it is half out of the pan, flip the top of the omelette over to fold in half.
  • We had ours with salad.

*I’d recommend a non-stick palette knife or slim spatula.

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