What to do with a whole heap of mint: mint marinated lamb

I mentioned earlier that I’d been given a massive bunch of mint and was intent on using it up in cooking this week. The first thought that cam to mind was: mojitos! The second was: lamb. Mint and lamb are a match made in heaven, so I googled for a recipe.

I’d bought a half leg of lamb and planned on marinating it. I found this recipe and used it for inspiration rather than following the recipe. For starters, I didn’t have any lemons, though lemon zest nad juice would’ve been a great addition.

Anyway, I cut slits in the skin of the lamb (about 1-2cm apart) and put it in a large freezer bag. I added about 100ml olive oil, two huge cloves of garlic (crushed), a large bunch of mint (finely chopped) and some pinch salt. I worked the marinade mixture all over the lamb, making sure the ingredients were evenly mixed, and working the mix into the slits. And I left it over night to marinade: watch this space.

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