Food on US Airways #1

Lunch at 11am doesn’t happen every day, so I just went with it! Let’s face it: don’t need to be persuaded to eat.

The inflight lunch was actually kind of good. The options were chicken or pasta, descriptions which I suppose most travellers would be content with. I didn’t ask for more detail and went with the mysterious chicken (mostly because in the UK pasta sauce always has the dreaded red peppers secreted within) though the pasta was tortelloni, which would’ve been good. Anyway, the chicken was served with a tomato sauce and orzo pasta (wee pieces shaped like large grains of rice). All good, all tasty. Though the chicken tasted a bit processed, but I guess I’ll have to get used to that…

There was also:
– a wee salad on the side: courgette, olives, sundries tomatoes and feta in a vinegarette: also good (and I got two because Hubby didn’t want his!)
– a bread roll and butter
– and a wee cake

I was pretty happy with this offering, but could’ve eaten it twice over! Good thing I brought all the snacks…

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