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A wedding, a buffet and some meringue cake

The wedding breakfast at this weekend’s nuptials was courtesy of a friend of the groom’s family – Tiffy. The cold buffet was delish: salmon; rare roast beef; salads, both green and tomato; couscous; and chicken salads. It tasted as good … Continue reading

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A Slimming World lasagne, filled with squash and onion

This lasagne was inspired by the fact I had some squash that needed eating! I really fancied making it into lasagne filling, but the recipe I have for squash filled lasagne is full of butter – so I had to … Continue reading

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Steak and Slimming World chips – and some crispy kale chips too

I couldn’t resist a couple of steaks when I was shopping the other night. We like our beef, and not the fat, so we go for the good cuts – so a steak is a treat! So I had Hubby put … Continue reading

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Leek and tattie soup: a favourite, and (of course) Slimming World friendly

Leek and tattie soup is so easy and it’s a firm favourite. It’s also a good traditional Scottish recipe, and one that can be Slimming World friendly very easily. The trick my Mum taught me with this soup to make … Continue reading

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White chalk, black board and how lists make me happy

The shopping list written on the blackboard in the kitchen makes me happy. There, I said it. Lists are good. Order is good. And there’s something about white chalk written on the blackboard. It’s the simple things…

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Canneroni (being a type of tubular pasta) and an inspired mushroomy tomato sauce (with green beans and asparagus too!)

When we were at Pillars of Hercules the other day we bought a bag of pasta. Having investigated, I think the pasta was canneroni, a shorter version of cannelloni. Whatever it was, it came in three colors: plain, red (coloured … Continue reading

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More shopping at Pillars of Hercules, and looking forward to some tasty meals

This weekend I met a friend for coffee at Pillars of Hercules, and had a chance to buy some of their lovely wares and produce. I am particularly excited about the kale, which I intend to make in to kale … Continue reading

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