Biggest. Jar. Of pickles. Ever. Seriously.

It’s still just about the 4th of July, so my parting shot for the day is this picture of the jar of pickles from the 4th of July BBQ – it may be the biggest jar of pickles ever. I don’t really think the photo does it justice or shows scale too well; it was nearly the same size as the coffee machine. The pickles were about 10cm long by 3cm – gargantuan!

After a fun afternoon in the pool we settled down for dinner. The pickles were on the side of some typical BBQ fare: grilled burgers and hotdogs; potato salads; slaw (which I helped make!); lettuce and tomato (the latter from the garden!); buns; and potato chips (aka crisps!).
One of the potato salads was of particular note as it had boiled egg in it – an addition to remember!

For dessert, key lime pie, followed by a fireworks display!

A lovely family day, and I felt like we celebrated the 4th in the true American style!

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