Road trip snacks and other assorted treats

Our first day of driving gave us an opportunity to get in to the road trip groove with some snacks and pit stops.

First up: Hardee’s. We stopped here for no other reason than we have a good friend whose surname is Hardee, plus the fast food chain doesn’t exist in the UK so it was something new. We had the breakfast wraps, which were interesting. One had bacon, egg and cheese (if the orange sauce can be described as cheese!), the other sausage (more like sausage meat rather than a sausage in a skin like at home), egg and gravy. An interesting experience indeed.

Hubby had been looking forward to getting beef jerky for the car ride since we started planning the trip, so he’ll be sampling a number of brands I should think. I do like beef jerky, but after a very short while it stops tasting like the aromatic flavouring as starts tasting like old boots.

Hubby also bought a big bag of Animal Crackers. I thought I’d had them in the UK, but they must make then differently back across the pond. Anyway, they reminded me of Rich Tea biscuits, flavoured with cinnamon and mace, and shaped in to wee animals. Cute, if nothing else.

On one of our pitstops Hubby bought a couple of Twix bars. Mine had peanut butter instead of caramel, and chocolate cookie instead of plain – both variations we don’t get in the UK, so I was happy. But the Twix was twice the size of the ones we get in the UK, and beuase of the heat we had to eat the whole thing right away! Still getting used to portion sizes…

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