Eating Out: Cracker Barrell

Cracker Barrell had been recommended by a friend, and we’re so glad she did! We’re now big fans.

It took a few minutes to get seated, it being Sunday lunchtime, so we had time to browse the menu. I had fried catfish and Hubby had shrimp. Both were delicious. I had to have the catfish! I’ve never seen it on a menu before.

We both had fried okra on the side – we both love okra, and Cracker Barrell’s was fantastic. Whatever they did to it was magic.
Hubby had the hash brown casserole on the side too, which sounded intriguing: hash browns with onion and cheese. I love the fact Americans add cheese and call it a casserole. I love cheese too!
Hubby also had a couple of hush puppies – a first for us both. I have no idea what they are, but they are delicious!

Again, we’re noticing that value for money – both in terms of quantity and quality – is much better in the US. And the service is much better too!!

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2 Responses to Eating Out: Cracker Barrell

  1. Kate says:

    Oh man, a Cracker Barrel breakfast is such a necessary road-trip thing. And hush puppies are one of the BEST. THINGS. ON. THE. PLANET.

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