Eating Out: Fleet Landing, Charleston SC

Fleet Landing is one of the few restaurants in Charleston with an ocean view, as most of the ocean front areas have been taken over by property. Wisely, we didn’t sit outside, but could enjoy the view nevertheless!

I had fried oysters. I’m not a huge fan of fresh oysters, purely by taste; they’re pretty salty for me. But the other night Papa had fried oysters, and he said they were really good, so I reckoned I should try them. And they were really good! A much more palatable flavour for me, and so delicate and light.
Good slaw too – I like that, in the US, slaw is about the vegetables, rather than mayo!
The red sauce I had mentioned in an earlier post is called seafood sauce, and the spice to liven up the tomato is horseradish. It’s good, if a little overpowering with seafood in my opinion!
And I got a hush puppy (so good!). Happy girl.

Hubby had prawns and grits: one to try according to our hosts. He really enjoyed it and was happy to have had some good grits (apparently they are easy to do badly). These grits were described as “creamy”, and they certainly were – presumably that’s why they tasted so good!

The service was very friendly, if a little slow, but I could forgive them that as it was really busy.

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2 Responses to Eating Out: Fleet Landing, Charleston SC

  1. One of my personal favorite restaurants too! The view and atmosphere just add to the menu and fabulous drinks 🙂 Do you live in Charleston, or just visiting? Curious if you do other reviews of Charleston restaurants!

    • Em Halforbes says:

      We were just visiting! We ate out a few times and enjoyed them all, but Fleet Landing was a favourite. Another Charleston area restaurant food review coming up!

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