Eating Out: Morgan Creek, Isle of Palms SC

Riding out across the bay and through the islands and inlets around Charleston was a pretty good appetiser for dinner, I have to say. The sun was beginning to set and everything was bathed in a warm glow. The sea breeze did well making everything a little more temperate. And an ice cold beer was just the thing. Bliss.

Our destination was Morgan Creek Grill on the Isle of Palms. It’s a great location for dinner, and a great choice if you’re arriving by boat. It’s right on the water and the views are lovely. I had a wee wading bird right below where I was sitting, who kept me amused throughout the evening.

The food was pretty good overall. They had local seafood options, as well as fresh catch of the day. And substitutions on a seafood menu is a good sign, as it usually means they are using fresh local produce! A couple of people had almond crusted sole, which sounded great. And the shrimp pasta with goat’s cheese, peas and ham was pretty interesting. The local clams in pasta and a garlic broth also looked excellent.

There was local smoked fish spread to start, and calamari. Both good. I particularly enjoyed the fish spread; it reminded me of a hot crab dip we made at Thanksgiving a number of years ago, a recipe I now want to dig out!
For main, I had the fried platter – a firm favourite on this leg of the trip! It had shrimp, scallops and oysters, and the scallops were divine.
I indulged in the peach crisp for dessert, which was the equivalent of a peach crumble. This topping was mostly almonds, and was more gooey than British crumble. Tasty indeed. Peaches are in season just now, so this seemed an obvious choice (though there was some debate about whether these were fresh or canned!).

After dinner we were talking about being out on a boat before, and I have lots of times. But I was trying to decide if I’d been on a boat before just for fun, and probably less so in that case. For the purposes of transportation: yes, lots of times. For the purposes of work: sure, fishing or checking creels. But just for fun, or sightseeing as we did this afternoon: rarely. So this was a welcome treat, a fantastic way to see Charleston, and a great way to spend time with family.

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