T-Bones and Lamar’s: The Chattanooga Special

We had one night in Chattanooga between SC and Canada (we take road trips seriously…) and what a night it was!? As well as a whistle stop tour (including to the Chattanooga Choo Choo) and learning about the historical highlights (like the town and environs played a pivotal role in the Civil (not Revolutionary, as previously stated!) War) we were treated to some pretty special food. Mostly chicken, but chicken as I have never had it before.

Before the main event we had a social evening at T-Bones. It being Thursday we were treated to trivia. The team won, no thanks to me – I suck at all pub quizzes. We had a snack to keep us going: I had chicken wings (thankfully I went for mild because, unlike most wings these days, these were actually spicy – result!) and Hubby had a taco (his first of the trip, and good and BBQ-y). One of our pub quiz and snack companions had a serving of onion rings and I had to take a photo – the serving was bigger than my head!

Dinner was at Lamar’s, another bar in town, renowned amongst those in the know as The Place for fried chicken. And it is.

I wish I could describe Lamar’s, but it would be impossible. Phrases like “black velvet and gold wallpaper”, “unseasonable Festive decorations” and “all wrapped up in a back room with no windows” doesn’t do the place justice. It has to be seen to be believed.

We got one half chicken between us, as recommended, which was plenty – though we could’ve had more as it was that good! It came with a bread roll, fries and crackers, plus a salad. But those were just distractions from the chicken, which was fabulous. The inexplicably delicious fried chicken, plus the low lighting in the bar, meant we ate every scrap of meat and crumb coating regardless of what part of the chicken it might be from (or if it were chicken at all!). Fantastic. I feel like I’ve had true Southern fried chicken now.

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