Eating out: Chinese in Cincinnati

Between Tennessee and Cincinnati (our stop over en route to London ON) we got caught behind a traffic collision while passing through Kentucky. So by the time we got to out hotel we were knackered, and not really up for driving to find top cuisine. We’d passed a Chinese restaurant, and we reckoned we were on familiar ground, and that we might see some vegetables.

We had a mixed starter with various wantons, spring rolls and so on. One thing to note is that the wonton pastry was thicker than in the UK. The beef wanton was delish, and the the spring roll was good and cabbage-y. Slightly confused why mustard was offered as a condiment (I was hoping it might be satay sauce), but the chilli sauce was good.

My main was mixed seafood (though I think describing crab sticks as actual crab was pushing it!) and vegetables with a mysterious brown sauce over crispy noodles.

All good and just what we needed: quick efficient service; hot and tasty food; and close to the hotel. House of the Sun was a pretty unassuming place, though clearly not used to non-Chinese people using chopsticks – we did have to ask!

Not wanting to harp on about vegetables (can you tell I’m feeling the scurvy a little?!) but it was nice to have a good selection in the dish, including corn, broccoli, carrots and mushrooms. Made me feel a bit better about my unbalanced diet!

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