Eating out: burgers at The Works

The Works is a great idea: pick a burger; pick a bun; pick from a very wide selection of yummy burger toppings; and pick a side. The food was all great, and with the quirky restaurant interior and good service it was a fun night.

We started with a tower of onion rings. Best onions rings ever, plus the best tower: it was holders for two dips!

For main, I had the beef patty with a whole meal bun. My burger topping was called Notebook Stars, and included: avocado, beech house sauce, sundries tomato and feta cheese. Wonderful. (I frequently say I love avocado, and we Brits don’t use it enough in cooking.)
I had sweet potato chips on the side, which were really good!

The topping was named after the movie The Notebook, as both of the main stars are Canadian. Lots of the other burger topping were named after, or inspired by, Canadian jokes, people or events (and a few were local to London).

Hubby had poutine as his side dish. It had to be done! It wasn’t a weird as I thought it would be, and cheese curds were more firm – so perhaps I can try it again.

One final fun thing to note are that the drinks are served in measuring jugs! It’s a clever gimmick, but was actually and easy way to drink too!

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