More BBQ, a whole lot of corn, some interesting goat’s cheese and cheesecake

You know you have a genuinely good friend when she lets you stay in her home and invite other people over for dinner! A childhood friend lives an hour or so from our Canadian base in London, and it was great to all be able to meet up.

There was surf and turf to start: wee pieces of seafood and beef wrapped in bacon, skewered, and cooked on the BBQ. Seafood wrapped in bacon? Yes, please.

The BBQ proper was marinated beef and chicken. Both were marinated before freezing, and defrosted before cooking. Some good theorising about how this improves the flavour; a good tip!
With the bbq was more corn! My favourite: thanks to our hosts for continuing to pander to my craving for fresh corn!! I had three pieces: I’m stocking up on really yummy corn before returning to the homeland!
Also on the side was a yummy Salad with (optional!) goat’s cheese and dried cranberries. The cheese was divine; I have no idea what was added to it to make it so!

My childhood friend and her fiancée brought dessert: a cherry cheesecake. It was seriously good: great biscuit base (not too crumbly), good firm cheese, and yummy cherry topping. Well done, Jeff! And they brought it in the niftiest cheesecake box that folded flat – I guess he makes alot of cheesecake!

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