Charcuterie, angel food cake and an alcopop

Our last meal with our friends in Canada was a delightful mix of cheeses, meats, fruit, honey, bread and preserves. The meats were salami and prosciutto (Parma ham to many) and the cheeses included a blue goat’s cheese (a first for me!), Gouda, an applewood smoked, and a Canadian cheese from Quebec. The preserves included a delicious fig jam and an olive tapenade. There was also some artichoke and spinach dip, but I’ll talk about that later.

I love nothing more than trying out different cheeses mixed with preserves, meats and fruit. Another great meal for the back deck!

Angel food cake
My friend’s mum made dessert: angel food cake topped with raspberries and melted chocolate. The cake itself is very light indeed – lots of whipped egg whites are the key. The rasps and chocolate were a lovely fresh topping.

Black Fly
The aforementioned alcopop was a locally produced beverage called Black Fly. It was pretty good for a premixed drink: not too sweet, a bit tangy, and not too boozy.

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