Eating out: Lulu’s, Pittsburgh, and oodles of noodles

Lulu’s is a great example of Asian fusion, somewhat akin to our favourite eatery in Glasgow, Wagamama, so we were gonna be happy with this spot for dinner.

We had a selection of “Small Eats” to start including:
– Crab Rangoon, crab and sweet cream cheese in wonton pastry, fried.
– fried wontons
– gyoza
– seaweed
The crab parcels were delish, though I’m not sure how authentic! And the seaweed was surprisingly tasty.

My “Large Eat” was a noodle bowl called Pho: Vietnamese noodles with beef in a light broth, garnished with onion and cilantro (coriander). It was good and filling, but my only mistake was that I forget that you generally have to ask or vegetables as part of your meal, and a mixture of vege in this dish would’ve been ideal. The broth was good, and I always feel it’s like an extra course!

Most of us had green tea with our meal, which had free refills. It was alarmingly green in colour (!) but did the job.

Lulu’s is a popular Pittsburgh student haunt, and extremely busy during term time, and I can see why: the food is good, portions are large, and price very reasonable.

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