Frozen yoghurt, including red bean and cake batter

I loved the Razzy Fresh t-shirt slogan: “Proud follower of the Razzy 3-step plan”. And it is a good and simple plan: pick up a cup and choose your frozen yoghurt; choose toppings; weigh and pay. Simples.

There were about ten flavours to choose from in this frozen yoghurt bar, including red bean (I think made with kidney beans) and cake batter (which you don’t get in the UK easily). I tried both, as well as caramel and double chocolate. Yum. With some chocolate sprinkles, I was a happy girl.

The red bean was interesting. I’m still not sure what it tasted like, but it certainly had a savoury, earthy flavour.

There were other yoghurt flavours, and lots of other toppings, including fruit, chocolate and candy (see my cousin’s tub in the pic!).

I find frozen yoghurt hard to come by in the UK, but wish there were more of it more readily available!



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