Eating out: Bob Evans restaurant (another one from the road)

Well, we had another roadside food stop, this time at the Bob Evans Restaurant chain. The service was fine, and the food was OK too; for a necessary roadside stop it was just what we needed.

I had a burger “platter”. I’m not really sure they understand the meaning of the word; a platter to me is somewhat larger and perhaps has more offerings. Anyway, it was just what I wanted, and not too much of it.

The burger had cheese, bacon and chipotle sauce. It was very fine indeed.
Bacon is a different kettle of fish in North America – it’s what I would call streaky bacon, whereas bacon in the UK is normally made from back bacon. It means the bacon is delightfully crispy and fatty – a different kind of good from my regular bacon with the fat cut off!
I love chipotle sauce! However, I fear I may never be able to make it at home without access to canned chipotle chillis. I’ll have to work on that one…

Hubby’s lunch (pictured below with my burger) was a biscuit basket with potato, bacon and egg, and smothered in gravy. He liked it! He said the biscuit was properly savoury (some have been a bit sweet, apparently) and the gravy was good. It looked thoroughly unappetising to me, but he was in his element.

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