Eating out: grilled chicken Cobb salad at Friday’s

On our way home from our North America trip we did little else in the airports apart from eat. First up: lunch at Friday’s at Reagan National Airport, Washington DC.

I’m interested that TGI Friday’s is called “Friday’s” in the US; I’d call it “TGI’s”. Either way, it’s much the same thing in the UK and the US. We didn’t have any cocktails, which are probably my favourite reason to go to TGI’s! But we did have a fine lunch.

I had the grilled chicken Cobb salad: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado, a boiled egg, blue cheese and grilled chicken. I love the fact that blue cheese, and blue cheese dressing, is so popular in North America – it’s a favourite ingredient of mine! This was a good salad, and just what I needed after a couple of weeks of overindulging. Most of the ingredients are Slimming World friendly, bar the blue cheese, so a good meal for a healthy diet.

The service at this Friday’s was fine – a bit slow and, considering we were in an airport, where I doubt anyone has oodles of time to spare, this was more-than-a-little annoying. But the food was good, and we were served in good time, despite having to prompt our server at every turn. A fine stop at the airport.

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