Eating out: Philly cheesesteak and an Italian hoagie

Our second airport of the day was Philadelphia. While we were there we were intent on trying a Philly cheesesteak. Earlier in the week we had met a Philadelphian who had heartily recommended both the Philly cheesesteak and a hoagie. We didn’t have time to sample his third recommendation: a meatball sandwich.

The Philly cheesesteak was excellent. The roll is spread with Cheese Whiz and topped with thinly sliced beef. Onions nad sliced chili peppers were added. The bread roll was the best bread we’ve had since we got to the US, where good quality bread is hard to find – our sandwich advisor has said that his would be the case.

The hoagie was excellent too. The meat was Italian ham, with tomatoes and onion. The sandwich was sprinkled with oregano – an excellent addition, and one I will remember for the future.

For an extra $1.50 we got fries (a bit soggy) and a drink,  which was more than enough for dinner before we boarded our last plane home.

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