A new toy: a grapefruit tool

On our trip around North America a couple of our friends took up to cookware shops, and much fun was had. I love looking at the gadgets, and found a few I’d never seen before. One was a grapefruit tool, which Hubby’s aunt kindly gifted to me as a memento of the trip (she has a gadget obsession too, and was responsible for my getting a cherry/olive pitter).

The grapefruit tool has a curved serrated blade at one end, for cutting around and under the flesh of a grapefruit half.
The other end is a double-blade to cut the segments: one blade goes on each side of the membrane dividing up the segments.
Then, all that is required is a teaspoon to scoop of the freed segments, and the scrape the remaining flesh left on the skin.

A hadny tool indeed, with the delicous results.

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