A Slimming World roast chicken dinner

It’s good to be home and be able to get in some serious cooking! I didn’t think I’d miss it this much. It’s great to have a break from it all (and we were hugely grateful to all our kind hosts who cooked for us and treated us to delicious meals out!), including thinking up menus, planning shopping and deciding what the cook for dinner each night. But at the same time it is nice to be able to choose for yourself, and I love the cooking part. I was also looking forward to getting home and getting back on the diet! I have strayed very far indeed and put on a few pounds, but am back on track with renewed vigour.

Our first day home we had a Slimming World roast chicken dinner.

The chicken was skinned and the excess fat removed. I roasted it breast side down, though you could cover the breast with bacon (with the fat removed) or cover the roasting pan with foil to stop the breasts drying out.

The chicken was laid on a bed of chopped potatoes and chunks of red onion – the pieces need to be about 1.5cm square. Adding a few whole garlic cloves (skins removed) would have been good too. The potatoes and onion were sprinkled with oregano, pepper and salt, and sprayed with olive oil Fry Light – mix before popping the chicken on top and roasting.

Tip for roasting: The chicken was a wee one and only needed 75 or so minutes cooking, so you may want to pre-roast the potatoes and onions for 30 minutes or so if your chicken has a short roasting time.

I served the roast chicken, potatoes and onion with freshly steamed vege – asparagus (Hubby’s favourite, and more-or-less in season just now) and green beans.

I made up some gravy – this was our Syn-ful part of the meal! the gravy was made from granules, which do carry a Syn value, so do take them into account when totting up for the day. I added oregano and Balsamic vinegar to the gravy to add flavour, and cooked for a few minutes until it thickened and to let the flavours absorb.

Tip for gravy: You could make gravy from stock and add dried potato to thicken – both are Syn free.

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